Since its foundation, a large part of the efforts of the Society have been focussed on the documentation and publication of our history in book form. Below is a complete list of the books that are currently in print together with the current prices. All of our publications can be purchased (during normal times) by visiting the museum or by requesting a quote for books to be sent via Australia Post - use the form on our contact page.

Selected books are also available for purchase at several retailers in the town:
  • Age of Fishes Museum - 129 Gaskill St
  • Virginia Cullane Books - 81 Gaskill St
  • Canowindra Creative Centre - 44 Gaskill St
  • and E.W. Cordon Store & Cafe - 9 Main St, Cudal

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The Lachlan Depot & Beyond

by Dorothy Balcomb, Richard Johnson, Mae Vanderschaar and other contributors
Illustrated with many photographs and original sketches by Val Johnson.
Describes the stories of John Oxley’s 1817 expedition, Soldiers Flat and Bangaroo.
Published 2002
68 pages including comprehensive index
210 x 295mm
$25.00 plus p&h

Canowindra and the Bushrangers and the Robinson Connection

by Frances Robinson
Describes the 1863 raids on Canowindra by bushrangers and the history of the extended Robinson family
Published 1996
77 pages including index
210 x 295mm
$25.00 plus p&h

Canowindra & District Churches - A Pictorial History

by Berna Wright, Gwen Wythes, Dorothy Balcomb with original photography by John Meagher
Tells the history of the churches and places of worship in the towns and villages of Canowindra, Cargo, Moorbel, Bowan Park, Cudal, Cranbury, Toogong, Burdett, Murga, Eugowra, Gilgies, Nyrang Creek, Gooloogong, Billimari, Walli
Published 1988
68 pages including comprehensive index
183 x 245mm
$20 plus p&h

Canowindra in Sketches

Drawings by Ruth Jenkins and text by Dorothy Balcomb
The ideal souvenir of Canowindra or a wonderful gift for any former resident - with drawings of many notable buildings in the town and an accompanying text detailing the history of the sketch’s subject.
Published 1979
64 pages including index
230 x 170mm
$20.00 plus p&h

Canowindra Celebrates its One Hundred Years

by multiple authors credited as the “Centenary Celebration Committee” and Scribner’s Publicity Services, Sydney.
2010 facsimile reprint of the 1939 “Back to Canowindra" celebration fundraiser publication. Includes a historical review and articles describing the “state of the district” and the activities of local organisations and features many advertisements from district businesses which altogether provide a snapshot of the social structure and mores of a small country town just prior to the calamity of the Second World War when all that was familiar would be changed irrevocably.
Published 2010
60 pages
185 x 250mm
$25 plus p&h

The Shop Window of Canowindra - showcasing our Town and District for over 100 years

Compiled by the Book Committee for the 100th Canowindra PA&H Association as an endorsed activity of the Centenary of Federation of Australia.
Contains a detailed history of the first hundred years of the Canowindra Show and the personalities involved.
Published 2001
50 pages
205 x 295mm
$15 plus p&h

Nyrang Creek Revisited - A glimpse in the past

by Miriam Loomes with introduction by Dorothy Balcomb
A social history account based on village life in the country at Nyrang Creek NSW Australia. It is a collection of facts, stories and letters from people and their descendants who lived and worked the land in this area from about the 1860s until the 1940s. It is possible to find relics of these little communities all over Australia. This book highlights the life and times of the people living in this vibrant community back then.
Nyrang Creek developed as a settlement 10km from Canowindra on the road surveyed from Eugowra in 1862. The creek there made it a logical stopping place in the horse era for coaches and teamsters, while the fertile lands, ideal for farming, were attractive to free selectors. An abundance of native cypress pine was also an incentive for the first settler, William Williamson, an experienced builder, to select land as early as 1865 to combine farming with sawmilling and building. Nyrang Creek claims a few firsts in the growing of lucerne, prairie grass and wine grapes by its enterprising settlers.
Profusely illustrated with photographs from family and private collections. Includes histories of the McCarron, Moss, Mobbs, Gaunt, Williamson, Wilcox, Jones and Fleming families among many others.
Published 2016
119 pages including index
210 x 295mm
Out of print

The History and Character of Belmore/Moorbel 1815-2015

compiled by Debbie Rutter
Moorbel is a distinctive community with its own identity closely linked to its larger neighbour, Canowindra, but maintaining clear and resolute markers of independence. Profusely illustrated.
Read the story of the launch of the book in the Canowindra News
Published 2017
92 pages including comprehensive index
210 x 295mm
$30 plus p&h

The Jack Hore Memorial Cup

By Ron Worboys
An accomplished sportsman in his own right, Ron provides an entertaining history of the hotly contested rugby league challenge cup games from their inception in 1926 to the finale in 1960. Includes the famous 1930 challenge from Temora which featured Eric Weissel who after captaining NSW against Queensland on the Saturday travelled from Sydney overnight to Canowindra to lead his club to victory on the Sunday. Illustrated with many photographs from private collections.
Published 1992 - now in its fourth printing
62 pages including comprehensive index
140 x 210mm
$15 plus p&h

History of Toogong

By Dorothy Balcomb - 2nd edition revisions and additions by Marion Gosper

In 1967, enthusiasm and interest from community members, school teachers and their students led to the formation of what is now the Canowindra Historical Society and Museum Inc.

One of the early research projects undertaken was the documentation of areas where members lived. Dorothy Balcomb compiled a ‘’History of Toogong,” her local area. This became the Society’s first publication in 1972. It sold so well that a second edition was needed and now, fifty years later an updated third edition has been released.

The new edition was launched following a Thanksgiving Service at St Albans Church, Toogong to celebrate the 150th Anniversary on Sunday 30th October 2022.

While the town, for various reasons did not develop as planned, it has always held a strong link to the early forebears of the district in the hearts of descendants of these pioneers.

This updated edition of ‘’History of Toogong” still contains the original writing of Dorothy Balcomb. Marion Gosper has been instrumental in adding more information on the families, the schools, as well as a good selection of photos to continue the story. It makes an interesting read.

The book details the stories of the families that made up the tiny community including the Balcomb, Fleidner, Hazelton, Irvine, Nash, Pike, Ritchie, Sharp, Taber, Thornberry, and Wren families.
Published 2022
80 pages including index
210 x 300mm card cover
$25 plus p&h

History of Mogong

Compiled by Diane Wright, Berna Wright, Dorothy Balcomb and Gwen Wythes
A history of the life and times of the Mogong district, the Mogong homestead and its inhabitants.
Published 1996
47 pages including bibliography
210 x 300mm paper covers bound and stapled
$10 plus p&h

Pre-1901 Pioneers Wall

By Frances Robinson
The story of the development of the wall at the front of the museum on Gaskill Street with transcriptions of the commemorative plaques.
Published 2001
17 pages
210 x 295mm paper cover and stapled
$20 plus p&h

Grant Family Re-union 1853-1982

Souvenir of the Grant family reunion 1982. Reproductions of many family photographs and notes on the lives of several family personalities.
Published 1988
10 pages including comprehensive index
210 x 265mm paper bound
Out of print

Quiet Country Boy

By Clarrie Craven
The memoirs of a young man growing up in Canowindra, leaving school to work on the family farm and then joining the RAAF and leaving Australia for bomber crew training in Canada and the UK. Shot down in a bombing raid over Germany he tries to walk to Spain but is captured and spends the rest of the war as a POW. Returning to Australia he settles down to farming and family life. Illustrated
Published 1998, 2nd Ed revised 2007
36 pages
210 x 300mm wire bound
$12 plus p&h

Canowindra Cemetery Register

Comprehensive listing (to 1972) of grave sites and memorials in Canowindra General Cemetery and All Saints Anglican Church compiled by JA and DR Jones and published by the Central Coast Family History Society Inc
Published 2002
193 pages including index
210 x 295mm
$35 plus p&h